Your donation will help unlock someone's true potential. image

Your donation will help unlock someone's true potential.

Help a neurodiverse individual unlock their gifts, and participate fully in the life they choose. Please note that all donations are made in USD.

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Help Us Change the World!

The Ron Davis Autism Foundation does not view or treat autism as a condition that needs fixing or correcting.

Your gift will help make a difference in a neurodiverse individual's life. Donate today!

We are a non-profit foundation registered in the USA, providing training and workshops worldwide in the Davis Autism Approach® and Davis Concepts for Life® programs. We help and support individuals of all ages, starting from the age of four right through to adulthood, who are autistic or struggle with executive functioning challenges.

Please, take a moment and listen to our President and CEO Melanie Curry explain our views on neurodiversity. Donate and help empower individuals with neurodiversity to unlock their inherent gifts, so they can participate more fully in their life, their way.