Your donation will help unlock someone's true potential. image

Your donation will help unlock someone's true potential.

Help an autistic individual unlock their gifts and participate fully in the life they choose. Please note that all donations are made in USD.

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Unlocking the gifts of Autism

There are so many autistic children and adults in the world who are not yet able to participate fully in the life they would otherwise freely choose. The deeply personal impact this has on each individual and their family cannot be overstated.

Davis Autism programs help to address these constraints and transform the lives of people with autism as well as the lives of the people who love and care for them.

Your donation will help us unlock each person’s unique knowledge and capabilities so they can achieve their true potential.

Please help us where you can. Your generous gift supports our charitable foundation to provide the resources, facilities and materials to train the practitioners who deliver these life changing programs as well as specific outcomes, including:

  • USD$25 can provide modelling clay and tools for an autistic individual to use during their program
  • USD$50 can provide two individuals with clay and modelling tools.
  • USD$100 can provide a training/support manual for a parent or support person that they can use either in a workshop or during a program their child is completing.
  • USD$250 can provide a client, parent or support person with a Davis Autism Approach Program toolkit
  • USD$500 can provide a partial scholarship - for an individual to complete a Davis Autism Approach program, or for a parent, teacher, or support person to attend a training workshop.